Since 2010, I have advocated for a better connection between the School of Journalism and SOIC. When I inform my undergraduate friends of my current academic track, they often look at me and ask, “Why the switch?”

The truth is, I don’t consider the move from journalism to design a “switch”. Rather, I consider it an evolution. There’s far more connective tissue between the two disciplines than meets the eye, and it’s this tissue I wish to unpack over the course of my research and subsequent paper. At the core, I want to make an argument for the presence of UX in the journalism community. Journalists are obsessed over content, believing that there must be something inherently wrong with the content that correlates to the dismal subscription rates and lack of viewers in the online and mobile arena. I argue that it’s not the content that’s wrong, but the experience. We need to reconsider the experience of aggregating, curating, and digesting news content. At the moment, this thought is still very high-level but I hope to distill it down into something particular that can be adequately addressed across the paper.