I just wanna share about my final paper and share some random ideas. My topic will be the same as my capstone project, named as Deceptive Interaction Design: A Strategy for Magical Entertaining Experience. So basically  it is about how to utilize/embed digital technology to magic tricks to create engaging and entertaining experience to the user which is the topic that I really passionate about for a long time. Also this topic, including deception and ambiguity in the design, is challenging for me as a User Experience designer, and also has challenged traditional views of HCI. That’s why I interested in this topic.

Let’s me explain a little bit more. The magic performance is categorized into different types such as stage illusions or stage magic, micromagic or close-up magic, mathemagic thats combine magic and mathematics, etc. (source) but there is no type of magic that combine magic and digital technology together. I’ll call this new type of magic as technological magic or “technomagic”. The area of technomagic is very unfamiliar to both magicians and audiences, yet very interesting and worth to explore when we consider about unlimited potential of digital technology. Technomagic in my view can be roughly categorized as a technological stage magic and technological close-up magic. Technological stage magic are performed for large audiences in auditorium, using large scale props or advanced technologies. Here is an example of technological stage magic performed by Marco Tempest at TED.


My focus is about technological close-up magic which is performed to the audience close to magician, using everyday digital devices such as mobile phone, tablet, or laptop as magic props. Based on my research that close-up magic is more intimate, I hope I can create a new engaging experience for audience. So if you have any suggestions and thoughts, please let me know. Also I’m finding participants for interview in this topic. I need anyone who have seen magic performance (either from TV, show, friends, street, anywhere), and can still remember and talk about it. If you’re available, please let me know too. Thanks!

P.S. I forgot to talk about other potential ideas I have, I’m also interested in User Experience in amusement park and topic about food and music (as restaurant environment). Anyone can use these topics if you interested.