I know I’m going to write something about HCI4D or ICT4D, but I’m not sure what specific topic I’m going to write about. I come from the background of a developing country, and I would always love to do something for the people in my country. Thinking about what to write while reading Erik’s Experience Design reading, I guess probably I can link experience design with HCI4D.

Jeff talked about the kind of things we can write about in class. I don’t think I’m good at critique a certain concrete design, but I’d like to play with some ideas and thoughts in this field. I haven’t read relevant papers yet, but I think I will try to discuss about the principles of how to do experience design under a developing country’s background. From last semester’s Foundations to this semester’s Experience Design and Interaction Culture, I believe the ideas that “how experience should be like” and “how experience can be designed in technology” should now only be talked about under Western culture with people in developed countries. People in developing countries should also have the right to “experience” the technology, but not always being offered some kind of “help”. What’s more, this kind of “experience” should be different from the the kind that is defined by Dewey or someone else, because different cultural backgrounds can shape the experience both externally and internally in people’s mind. Even if the conclusion is that experience is really as what Dewey has defined, it can still vary among people and culture. What I’m trying to argue is that people in developing countries should have their own unique experience, compared with the one that is defined under developed countries and Western culture.

Okay, I haven’t read any relevant paper yet, so this is just a baby thought of mine… Do you have any suggestion or idea? If you know any relevant resource for me, I cannot appreciate more. 🙂