So I’ve been thinking about my final paper but I think I need some help framing the issue in an interaction/user experience design perspective. The topic is on digital storytelling, specifically in the medium of comic books and graphic novels. There is a history and technique to reading comics that has developed over the course of the past century, and with the advent of digital technologies there lies a whole wealth of possibilities in which the reader and the content can interact. On the other side, crafting comics has also changed drastically with the tools available to creators allowing amateur creators the ability to self-publish some very awesome content. I am less familiar with the creator side of the equation but I still find it extremely interesting.

A socio-cultural topic that also be fun to look at would be the legacy of the stories being told through the generations of comic books and how new media is changing the perspectives of viewers, established and new to the genre. I did a similar paper to this once in undergrad based on the mythology of superheroes and would like to revisit the topic but again, I’m having trouble framing the question in a design perspective.

Any and all thoughts would be welcome!