One thing that I really enjoyed from the Lev Manovich article is his ability to provide roots for current developments. It’s common for us in 2013 to think that we’re quite separated from our past (and I don’t have any statistics to support the “common” claim). But all of our technologies, and ways we interface with them, have genealogies that can be studied and understood.

As someone that enjoys studying my own familial genealogy, I’m interested in the genealogy of our technology. The ancestral roots of a webpage, for example, is intriguing.

During fall break I took my family to Louisville for a few days (partly for genealogical research). We walked through a downtown museum that focused on the development of weapons. While I’m not someone that is very interested in swords and guns, it was interesting to watch medieval weaponry change over time, and swords develop, as the museum was designed to progress over time as you walked through the museum. It was interesting to see the connection between Civil War rifles, for example, and a medieval lance. Everything has roots.