First, I really enjoy reading this article and be surprised how fashion design and interaction design can be combined together using the same thought. But only one concern that makes me really frustrated is, why the reading don’t have any image what kind of dress they talked about? Such as when the reading mentioned about Delta Air uniform (P.213), how can I know how it looks like? Also this reading mostly talked about dressing in 1970s which it is very hard for me to imagine dressing at that time. Also in my view, the reading focus on western dress so I have cultural difference problem to understand this too. Basically, I have imagination of “factory dressing” and “power dressing” in my mind but because there’s no description or example, I’m pretty sure what I’m thinking might be different than other people. And that’s hard for me to critique too. How can I critique which dress produces professional’s look or worker’s look if I didn’t see that dress?