This is not actually a post, but just some change I felt in me.

I call it the Interaction Culture effect.

We were supposed to do an assignment for Artifact Analysis for Methods

In the assignment, we were supposed to select an object, then write description (not in Carroll’s term) of the object we select.

The description was writing about the following things:

  • Material: Natural vs. human-made; the extent to which a given designer regularly uses those materials
  • Construction: the relationship between processes of construction and its appearance; the role of ornament; whether a construction process reveals a designer’s personal style; whether designers place any distinguishing marks on the artifacts
  • Function: the relationship between what an artifact does or used for and ways that its function reveals the intentions or other aspects of its maker
  • Provenance: the history of the artifact, from where it was made to where and how it ended up being used
  • Value:the value placed on the artifact by its creator, its value in society, and the social and cultural values that are inscribed within it

I started to write the assignment, and it took me almost no time to write it. Usually, it took me hours to write something like this, but this time, when I was analyzing my artifact (a Wallet), my mind was processing it very fast. The points in which I was supposed to describe it in (stated above) resemble closely to the four perspectives we keep talking about, and I felt like I was actually evaluating (in Carroll’s term) my Wallet to write the analysis of the artifact.

I feel this is something I learnt from the Interaction Culture course so far, and I suddenly had this realization when I finished writing it. I was so involved in the flow of ideas while writing the analysis that I had nothing else in mind but the chunks of thoughts about the wallet. This is super fun… I am loving this change…..