For my capstone I have done several site studies and from which I came up with an abstract idea of final paper for Interaction Culture:

I may compose the title (which can represent the idea in some ways) like this: Satisfaction, Expression or Promotion: The Design Intention of Aesthetics in HCI.

This idea is from interviews with all of my subjects that they kind of lead their users in terms of aesthetics tastes. They may listen to users about the needs of functionalities but they rarely give up on aesthetics judgment. This point refreshed me since we are always talking about users’ needs, user studies and field study methodology while we ignore the designers’ needs for expressions and promotions, especially for aesthetics. This issue is unavoidable because the crafts labor involved will reflect the “self” of the creators. This issue can be problematic as well as beneficial and the ability to control it may need more practice for designers. Designers can promote some values through the artifacts, i.e. a elegant lifestyle. They are not persuading since the intention is not to change people’s behavior but to “train” people through interactions with specific artifacts. Apperception and interpretation are methods to reshape people’s minds, but not coercively.

So is this way right to go? Any suggestions and related design exemplars you think that are related to my topic?