In response to the idea of Wishaya’s group about how the horrible feeling can be generated by a false alternation of self-image, I want to post a similar idea of mine that was aborted during the process of our group discussion.

I proposed to make some feign vitamin pill (let’s call it larva pill) which can produce in the eater’s stool tomorrow a green bit fat worm, along with some feign blood, clog, and other bodily tissues. And it evokes directly bodily response, not just because the worm itself with blood is scaring, but more because it is produced within the body. We would certainly be scared by thinking about if we have some problem with our body. Most important of all, it is a mock birth, in the most abject form. We would be scared that some monster is born from within our body.

It links to Kristiva’s abject–liminal theory. And it should link back to the Alien discussions we had before. That some Alien penetrates in our body. Also, as many groups have noted, it is also an unexpected horror happens in our everyday life.