When I read the feminism chapter in the shoe book, I rethought about the motivation that I took ceramics as the subject of my capstone project. Handmade things are always attracting me in every aspect. The aesthetics quality I got inspired me to theorize what I feel deep touched for more people, especially in interaction design field. But I started to doubt whether my concerns will be valuable for the others, for example, men who do like technical and unified design style.

When I finish reading the paper of feminism in HCI, my doubt got clear. Shaowen promotes multiple perspectives to look at interaction design, including considering different user groups, different stances to design and evaluate, etc. A design for a universal need is not a good one, and actually if there is a design that can satisfy a “universal” need or context, the reason may be that the researchers and designers idealize the target users and contexts. In this way, it may fail.

So the concern about whether it will be valuable to some other people got clear. I won’t promote a universal thing about aesthetics in HCI, I will just provide my perspective, which is about the inquiry of a soft, slow, enduring and aesthetic quality interaction design could concern.