From today’s reading:

“Mirrors, necklaces, feathers, flowers, and – most important – cats proliferate in this veritable panoply of masquerade, vanity, narcissism, and femininity.  In chapter V, as Cleo prepares herself to receive Jose, Varda’s directions make this quite explicit: ‘She moves about on her bed, more feline than her cats, checks her beauty in the mirror, then smiles when she recognizes her lover’s voice.'”

I found it interesting that it said “most important – cats” when speaking about “this veritable panoply of masquerade, vanity, narcissism, and femininity.”  If I were to watch this film, I would probably catch on to mirrors, necklaces, feathers, flowers, etc., but I’m almost certain a cat being in the picture would not make me think twice of it.  This reminds me about what we discussed about “The Double Life of Veronique” – the part where I thought the presence of falling into a puddle was kind of b.s…. and how some argued that everything in the film was put there for a purpose.  I’m beginning to see this more and more.  Even if it wasn’t put there for a purpose, viewers can interpret it as having been placed there on purpose.