This post is not an academic post nor a question. It’s just a thought, a confusion, and a doubt. It can be seen as a personal essay.

I’m coming to the last part of the main body of my paper. This part is also the most important and the most difficult part. However, probably since I take too long time to write the paper and I write it daily or every other day, I’m getting more and more confused about the paper now. I feel like I’m swimming in a swamp. I start questioning myself what is the significance of the paper. Will people really change by reading my paper? I don’t think so. Will this world become a better place if my argument is strong enough? I have no idea. I don’t think I write well enough. It seems like all the pieces are scattered around while I have no ability to tie them tightly together. The structure doesn’t sound good, the arguments doesn’t sound right, and the whole process looks confusing. Am I being to critical to myself? But I do feel writing is like walking down a dark alley alone, especially if this is my first formal paper writing.

I can do nothing, even if I’m scared and cannot see the light of hope. Is there any hope? I doubt. Before the end of this alley reveals itself to me, I guess what I can do is just keep on writing.