Some of you may have seen Rayne’s post expressing how difficult it is to write the paper for this class. You should read it. But you should also read Gary’s response to her, because he totally nailed it. In fact, I’m just going to quote it.

you are not trying to prove anything to anyone. An attempt to do so would be misguided. This is not the role of a masters program and I don’t think it’s the intent of this paper/project. Rather, what you write should take the reader on a journey with the intent of posing interesting questions and ideas. You have your own unique way of seeing the world. You can find connections, pairing ideas, in a way that is specific to you. This is what you really want to show people through your writing.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

But how do you do that?

So, what I try to do is — breath and be myself. I am not trying to prove anything to anyone. But, perhaps what I can do is share some observations and maybe help others to make connections. These days, for myself, I like to try to share things in ways like… “Look at this interesting thing. Here are some of my thoughts on it. Maybe it would be useful in this way and/or in this context.” A paper written with the intent of proving something can usually be re-framed in this way and I think the results are often more productive.