For the final paper, I plan to critique three design examples at the end of the paper. The argument I rely on to critique is how designers’ aesthetics intention consists part of design leadership and how such intentions can bring people a beautiful life.

I already have got one concret example of tea set, as below:

The function of a tea set is to serve as a drink applicant, but how different tea sets look like are according to different designers’ styles and aesthetic judgments. They materialize the same function into different forms. Designers imagine how people will interact with the tea set and what context will be, and they convey their aesthetics intentions and tastes through their products. Through actual use and daily interaction, users will receive the aesthetics information injected into it and start to think about how to use this object in a more “intended” way, and habits and tastes will have the chance to be reshaped.

My problem now is: I can’t have more concret examples… Especially for digital design under HCI culture. I came up with another example as the retina screen, which I have a deep feeling that once people get used to such a screen, they will feel the other screens are harsh, cheap and botchy. I believe the idea behind the concept of retina screen is not only a high-tech accomplishment, but more believes in aesthetics and user experience. But seems I can’t demonstrate that…

So… any thoughts about retina screen? Do you like it, hate it or have any thoughts towards such a fine and smooth screen?

If you can give me other examples that enhance your life quality and aesthetics tastes, especially for digital products, that would be great!