My answer is yes it is. In fact the graphic design community has been dealing with this question for decades or perhaps longer. So, it is a question that I am familiar with and I am comfortable with it. In fact I cannot imagine being a designer and not carrying with me always this question. It has become a companion of sorts for me and it oddly brings a little joy into my life as I live with it. When ever the question is verbalized it brings a smile to my face as if someone has brought up an old and beloved friend. This question, my friend, is eccentric and quirky. It’s not a friend who is easily categorized or described. These are the kinds of friends I am drawn to — an eternal puzzle. Sometimes I think I have the answer to this query. But, honestly, it seems that I am happier not having an answer. I am fine with not knowing. This not knowing is a constant catalyst for reflection and further exploration. This friend of mine has two companions and I love them almost as much. They are — what is design and what is art? The latter carries with it centuries of analysis and wisdom. The former is the younger sibling of the latter. It sometimes looks up the the other. But I think there is always an underlying feeling of rivalry. These are things that I can relate to as a younger sibling myself. Together these three questions have sparked entire libraries of discussion. Here now I sit in that library and I am anxious to be a part of that discussion. I have no expectations of answering the questions. By doing so (as if that were even possible) it would bring the end to my dear friends lives. Rather, I am happy in the prospect that I may somehow contribute to the very old tradition of these three amigos.

My random ramblings sparked by today’s readings.