2013-04-23 09.08.17We had a conversation about Mind Maps in class. We recently learnt using Mind Maps in Shaowen’s class and I thought of giving it a try for the Interaction Culture Paper.

We were talking about loosing a forest for a tree in the class. The Mind Mapping technique helped me overcome that problem and generate ideas.

I suggest that you should do this when you are alone with no disturbances and when you mindset is of thinking of the paper as a whole.

I wrote the topic, which is my argument in the center.

All the branches I made were how I was going to address the argument. the main topics. Note that these branches may or may not be the sections in your case. These are just the big ideas you will talk about supporting your claim.

The sub-branches are like things I need to talk about when I am explaining the idea in the branch.

I usually did 4 hour session while writing the paper and in every session, I wrote about a branch.

Hope it helps you generate content…!!!