As said during class, the first time reading Dunne & Raby was a bit depressing the first time I read it. It kind of just bashed in all of the romantic notions of life like, “Now, a younger generation doesn’t dream, it hopes: it hopes that we will survive, that there will be water for all, that we will be able to feed everyone, that we will not destroy ourselves…”

The next day, I was looking at articles to show my Social Informatics class and I came upon “Sleep-Texting Becoming an Alarming Trend, Experts Says” by Marc Lallanilla ( and it brought back a subject that I feel very strongly about.

I do like smartphones. They are very convenient but sometimes, it does feel like smartphones are taking over people’s lives. People no longer have “nothing” to do. When they have “nothing” to do, they are on their phones and this can be anywhere, while eating, while waiting, in bed… EVERYWHERE!!!! It is getting to the point where people are sleep-texting!!!!

This made me think of a quote I read in Dunne & Raby the previous day, “…it is becoming clear that many of the challenges we face today are unfixable and that the only way to overcome them is by changing our values, beliefs, attitudes, and behavior.” I found that I actually agree with this and this is something to look into to help me “problem frame” a way for a better balance of life and technology.

Personally, balance of life and technology is something I am trying to practice and look into how it can be possible. While my capstone is about couples and the cultural cuisine that they bring into the relationship, I would like whatever I come up with to be a life and technology balance. The technology is just a helping hand to help the couples and maybe it will help the couple understand each other’s values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors.

Apparently Apple’s new ad is showing a more technology enhance life then a technology taking over life view. This is from the article “Apple’s New Ad Finally Recognizes that iPads are Less Important than Life” by Mark Wilson ( This is just a switch of view from a very prominent company that I found interesting.