Welcome 2014 Interaction Culture bloggers! I thought I would write here to break the ice and welcome everyone. Please use this space as a playground for ideas, a place to ask questions, to bitch and to moan, to link the awesome stuff you find on the interwebz that relates in some way to this class, to drop your favorite quotes from the readings, and so on.

Also, when you post, please categorize and tag your post. This is really important! You can find categorization and tagging tools at the right side of the New Post / Edit Post screen when you are blogging.

I’ll share two quotes that I found striking from today’s reading, bolding the parts that I find especially intriguing.

First, from Dunne & Raby:

Now, a younger generation doesn’t dream, it hopes: it hopes that we will survive, that there will be water for all, that we will be able to feed everyone, that we will not destroy ourselves. But we are optimistic…. [Now] is a perfect time to revisit our social dreams and ideals and design’s role in facilitating alternative visions rather than defining them. Of being a catalyst rather than a source of visions…. But to do this, we need more pluralism in design, not of style but of ideology and values.

And here is a more cheerful, but still engaging, one from Crampton Smith:

However, after twenty years of drawing on existing expressive languages [e.g., graphic design, film, product design], we [interaction designers] now need to develop an independent language of interaction with “smart” systems and devices, a language true to the medium of computation, networks, and telecommunications. In terms of perceptual psychology, we’re starting to understand the functional limits of interaction between people and devices or systems: speed of response, say, or the communicative capacity of a small screen. But at the symbolic level of mood and meaning, of sociability and civility, we haven’t quite acheived the breathtaking innovativeness, the subtlety and intuitive “rightness” of Eisenstein’s language of montage.

Juicy juicy.

Are we up for this?