A friend just linked to this site, calling it the ‘best site ever’. It struck me as odd, because I’m just not sure what to think. On one hand the products are downright beautiful. On the other hand they’re stupid. Sure, the product designs are really nice and well crafted – but the entire idea, or mission of the company is just confusing or lost.


Litographs is committed to promoting literacy, both at home and abroad.

We’re proud to partner with the International Book Bank to send one new, high-quality book to a community in need for each product we sell.”

The second half of that is certainly pretty cool and noble, but the first? Are people actually going to sit there and read *any* of the text on your shirt or bag? Is anyone going to buy one of these without being intimately familiar with the story already (In most cases readers, though certain products like the Alice in Wonderland stuff people may be approaching through Disney (And in fact their designs seem to come from that representation anyways)

And what does it say about us that we value reading and literacy as a thing to be desired, but we frequently like to show off this ability through means/objects that have no direct correlation to reading, and require no real engagement. At what level does a representation of a story convey the message of the story? At what level is the ‘message’ of the story even the important part? Is the idea that someone should engage with a story (Or music, art, etc. whatever) before they have an opinion on it valid at all? Where should that level be? Experienced it once, or deeply involved self in it and criticized it? There’s a common complaint about people wearing t-shirts of bands without knowing their music, or Che Guevara without knowing his history or politics. 

Don’t know that there’s a reading I can attach this to (Yet, at least), but I found it was pretty interesting. What do you guys think?