The biggest thing I took out of this case study that I can relate to myself is CONSTRAINTS!!!!  The architect in this case study had to work with several constraints as said by Rowe, “…its immediate site environs were clearly controlled by the idea of the grid pattern. An explicit concern with context is another hallmark of the case study. Here homage is paid to to Burnham’s earlier plan and to the buildings of the Chicago Exposition, as well as the general layout of contemporary Chicago.” (27)

I took this as the architect couldn’t just design whatever building for the space given. Like most things we design, we can’t just do whatever we want. Someone, whether it is the client, the people we work with, or ourselves, will put some sort of constraint on our design. An example is our capstone. Technically we can do it on anything, but we constrain ourselves to a certain space that we are interested in. There are also particular requirements in the class like having to choose a track that also places constraints on what we decide to do. Hearing feedback also help determine what sorts of constraints we put on our project.

This case study also touches on a part of my design process that often happens. In the beginning, we would always sketch to figure out how the design will look but when we later move to making the prototype or even to build it, things will change. It will most likely deviate from the original sketch because things come up. In the case of the case study, this is shown, “At this stage of development, however, a programmatic evaluation of the scheme suggested to the designers that the linear proposal would both require more building facilities than were available and prove to be an inefficient arrangement for library use.” (22) They tweak it to, “…vertical library stacks and close proximity to supporting services dictated a more compact shape… organization of the scheme became more concentrated at a single location and the linear structure began to recede.” (22)

Whatever I decide to design for my capstone will probably solidify in the middle of the semester but there will probably be deviations by the end of the semesters due to new information, limits, situations that come up, etc.

I just wanted to put this much down for now…