I wanted to start my first post with this image and talk about ‘speculative design’. Here are some quotes that stuck out to me during the reading.

“futures are not a destination or something to be strived for but a medium to aid imaginative thought ”

“the role of the expert is often, not to prevent the impossible but to make it acceptable.”

“We believe that by speculating more, at all levels of society, and exploring alternative scenarios , reality will become more malleable”

“We live in a very different world now but we can reconnect with that spirit and develop new methods appropriate for today’s world and once again begin to dream.”

What I found odd during the reading is this idea of speculative design, and how now, Dunne and Raby believe ” several key changes have happened since the high point of radical design in the 1970s that make imaginative, social, and political speculation today more difficult and less likely.”

I personally have never felt that I am limited to speculate on design or social implications because of design due to some of the examples they provide. The authors made it seem that speculation is restricted and therefore can’t led to radical designs. I do not agree with this statement and I feel that this is actually changing.

Something I found online recently that touches on how I feel can be seen in this video.

Reverberating Across the Divide: Digital Design Meets Physical Context

For me, this is a new and rather radical way to create a necklace. What I like about this video is the idea, I will speculate here, that someone at home could create custom necklaces that are custom fitted to their bodies in one fitting. I would love input on this video or the idea of radical design, but does anyone else feel limited or that a few changes in history has really changes since the 1970’s?