I have been wondering lately why has it taken so long for industry to become aware of UX, interaction design, human centered approaches, hci, etc. Some companies where the design culture is prevalent, began as design focused organizations. On the other hand, we have seen many other companies embrace design in their endeavors, and found success in part because of this shift in their culture.

Now, why is it so difficult to bring in interaction design into a company culture, or even, successfully introduce interaction design? I believe part of the problem is that UX is not scalable. Many of the products, services, and systems that have been created are designed for the abstract user or customer. However, as designers, we know that no problem or opportunity is the same, and what works (let’s call it a solution) in one place, cannot really be replicated (due to context, needs, etc). In part, having such connectedness in our world, and shifting the expectations of products and markets to be global, universal is part of the problem. UX is being treated like this universal fixer, when in reality it will be context specific within that organization. Perhaps even UX is being treated as a one size fits all role… I am not sure if this comes from the industrial revolution, or later, but it is as if different organizations are trying to replicate success by adding the same parts to the organization… Like UX is something you can buy.