Just something Jeff talked about in class about Prejudice (Prejudgement). It made me think of some of the results I got talking with people earlier in the morning about their food experiences. Many people that I have talked to had a hard time accepting or finding certain food weird because they have prejudged it because of some sort of previous way of thinking.

One person did not like the idea of cold sandwiches because of the cold meat in the sandwich. Because their previous experience with meat when he lived in China was that it is always cooked, when he saw meat that is served cold here, there is a kind of prejudgement that the meat may not be safe whether that is true or not.

Another person had the previous experience of just not liking animals like squid and octopus but when she ate calamari and liked it when she didn’t know what calamari is made of. When she found out, she didn’t feel so good because she started seeing the food as the animal that she didn’t particularly like. Though in this case, she moved past that and would eat calamari if she has the chance.