I was really intrigued by our art vs design conversation in class that I’m started to wonder if this is a great topic for a final paper. Art vs Critical Design, Art Function vs Design Function. I’m drawn into aesthetics and trying to find exactly what it is I want to talk about. Would love any suggestions or conversations around this.

Here are a few notes I took during class I thought were interesting.

Call attention to ordinary objects
-make us think about or see beauty in everyday objects
-respect everyday objects

-What is art, what is design?
-Is critical design not art?
-What creates the difference between critical design and art?
-non-instrumental value vs instrumental value

The other night I stumbled onto artist Stephanie Syjuco and was really taken back by one of her projects,  “Modern Ruins (Popular Cannibals)” 

“Syjuco takes beloved archetypes of modernist furniture and reproduces them dump-style to explore a range of ideas related to production, consumption, class, and economies. These works continue her investigation of copies and counterfeits, while also examining Modernism’s promise of utopian progress and the reality of that vision today.”


Here is a photo of the semi-completed work.


What I find interesting is the idea of counterfeit being art. Do what degree is counterfeit art? Could these crafted pieces be place by the real items but hold more meaning?