I have looked up some additional info about the various Brillo boxes that we talked about, and I thought it would be good to lay them all out here.

  • Brillo box, the original commercial soap box design, was designed by Abstract Expressionist painter Steve Harvey.
  • Brillo Box, the sculpture by Andy Warhol (1964)
  • Brillo Box as part of an exhibition entitled, Not Andy Warhol, and sometimes called Not Brillo Box, a sculpture by appropriationist artist Mike Bidlo

So we can refer to these as Harvey’s Brillo box, Warhol’s Brillo Box, and Bidlo’s Not Brillo Box if we want.

Brillo Boxes

Whose are these anyway? Can someone bring a forklift and get this backstock off the floor?!

Incidentally, I tried very hard to find any information about the painter Steven Harvey. He does not appear to have a Wikipedia page; there is a studio bearing that name in NYC (I don’t know whether it is connected), and there are a bunch of paintings that don’t at all look like what I would expect from an abstract expressionist. So if anyone finds a resource on this guy, let me know and I will link it.