So I am very lost trying to explain or even understand what is Critical Design. I am writing this blog to just work through my own thoughts and see what I end up with. Basically this post is just an exercise to stretch out my brain.

I think the argument I am going to try and make is the Critical design is  a design aimed specifically towards designers. Specifically designers who live a sort of privileged life.

When I think about the Teddy bear blood bag, if it is an example of critical design, then I feel the targeted audience is actually designers. It is making a claim that we need to think about how we are effecting the future. How we are only looking at energy through a very limited scope. I think of their “human poop energy future” and I am reminded of the ways villagers in India create energy. Because of economic reason, they actually use animal feces to create power. Commonly known as Gobar-gas in India.

I am not arguing if this method is feasible or not, I am arguing how using poop as an energy source would not be considered critical design in villages in India.

I am going to stop here for now as I need to do more research to back up claim. But let me know what you think. I want to work on this more!