Writing has always been a funny thing with me. In high school and some in undergrad I wrote a lot. Stories mostly and not good ones. So I won’t be posting any juicy bits here. However, there are a few things I will talk about to. When I write things, I tend to just write without thinking in order to silence that inner critic of mine. Of course I know that the words I’m writing here will be terrible, but that’s what revision is for. For example, I’ve been thinking about writing a haiku for this class and posting it here. My first draft that I just wrote is here:

Interaction Culture Haiku

Gather in Green Room

Argue Art, Design, and Culture

Fear of CHI paper


The form of the Haiku is structured so that it must have five syllables on the first line, seven on the second, and five on the third. Now this Haiku isn’t that great. It lacks evocative meanings for me and it only follows the form. It also tends to tell more than show; so how can we fix this? Well, I think the second line needs to be reworked can we find a more passionate word instead of “Argue.” Maybe we should make it more warlike. Certainly, we had very strong opinions on the Cross readings. Maybe the poem should be about that? You could make some interesting puns on Cross too.

Cross looks cross the room . . . not long enough and too bouncy

Cross look over sorcerous design – too long. . .

Cross looks of Design Sorcery . . .I think I will stick with this for now. I feel it’s more impactful and has that double meaning plus probably a few others as well, referencing Cross on that designer who exclaimed that he did magic.

I’m also not fond of the last phrase in this haiku it’s too bland and not exciting. With the second sentence in place, it also doesn’t make much sense now. So what can we place in its place that would also fit as a nice conclusion. So what would be a good replacement. . .

Jeff calms the class . . .eh just not feeling this one.

Words lead to insights . . .  I like this one. It seems to fit my idea of the tone of the poem better now.

Finally, can we also change the first sentence too? I think I can replace Room and Gather with better words.

Discordant Green Room . .  this one could work, but what about room and since we have lost gather does that lose its meaning?

Corner? That wouldn’t work, because it’s too many syllables

Hole? Sure why not. So this draft of this Haiku is

Interaction Culture Haiku

Discordant Green Hole

Cross looks of Design Sorcery

Words lead to insights


Now I think I wanted to write a Haiku to go through my writing process and show how for me its an itterative process. With all that said, I really did appreciate several of Jeff’s tips about writing, particularly the ones about boiling things down into claims. I hadn’t thought about writing in that way before and I think it could be a very good mindset to think about it when writing.