I once overheard someone say, “nothing gets my apartment cleaner than a paper I should be writing.”  Not to say I put off writing as much as I can by any means, I actually enjoy it, but I have been afraid of writing papers where I do not have the information to back up the claims I wish to make, fear of making claims that are a little far fetched based on the evidence I have found.  However, with my future plans in place, this is something I am needing to overcome if I plan to succeed in the areas that I wish to pursue.

Since Thursday’s class, I’ve come to realize, it is not the paper I need to be focusing on though.  We must be able to motivate our reader, cause if we do not, well, then they are not going to read it and there will be no point to us even writing, but most of all, we must motivate ourselves first.  What is the outcome we are looking for?  Maybe this is why I was always afraid of making far-fetched claims cause I never knew what I was looking for other than text to fill a page.  Motivate myself through primary research, discovery, and testing.  I still have no idea what I want to write, but I know what I want to do in order to write.  If I can be excited for writing, then imagine the experience I can give the reader.