Reading this reading while still incredibly jet lagged was interesting. I found it amusing that this was like Danto’s love letter to Warhol.

As Danto says, “He turned the world we share into art, and turned himself into part of that world, and because we are the images we hold in common with everyone else, he became part of us. ” (83)

I can kind of see how the meaning behind Warhol’s Brillo Box, Empire, etc. can get someone excited though personally I’m not as excited as Danto about the subject. I do appreciate the perspective that this reading gives. There are many things that we take for granted today that we forget that in the past when that thing was new, it was a big deal (like airplanes). Most of us nowadays know who Warhol is and some of the art he’s done and it’s like yeah, he changed pop culture. For me, when I see Warhol’s stuff I just think “designy” and “cool”. I don’t really think much else so it was interesting to read about Danto’s philosophical approach to Warhol’s work. Though, I don’t know if I can appreciate his work in the ways that Danto does. Eight hours of Empire to make “the experience of time palpable, almost as if in a sensory deprivation experiment” is something that sounds “beautiful” the way Danto says it but personally, I don’t really want to experience.

It was also interesting for me to see in the reading how Warhol was perceived by some when his art came out. To some it was, “… too sunk in banality to rise even to the level of kitsch.” (62)

Even though this is a philosophical paper, to me, since this has a lot of reference to art (and because I’m a very visual person) I kind of wish that there were actual images in this reading.

Lastly before everything shuts off, I did find the jokes funny…

“A man sees what looks like an ordinary soap-pad carton in a shop win- dow and, needing to ship some books, asks the shopkeeper if he can have it. The shop turns out to be an art gallery and the shopkeeper a dealer who says: “That is a work of art, just now worth thirty thou- sand dollars.”

A man sees what looks like Warhol’s Brillo box in what looks like an art gallery, and asks the dealer, who turns out to be a shopkeeper, how much it is. The latter says the man can have it, he was going to throw it away anyway, it got placed in the window temporarily after it was unpacked. (65)

Though it wasn’t really LOL… it was more of a make me want to type “hahahahaha” funny…