I don’t know why, but I seem to be stuck thinking about Critical design. I am still considering what Jeff said in the last post, and I am thinking about what maurice said. I will talk about those in a different blog post.

This one is more of a quick reflection on what we learned in class today, and how it may reflect on the role critical design has to play. Or at least the role I think Critical design plays.

Danto talked about artistic innovation: when art makes us perceive the boundaries. When we talked about the drift table, Danto’s argument resonated with me. What if the role of critical design is to perceive the boundaries? It is method for us (hoity toity designers and the non-designers) to discover and propose new paradigms.

When I think of Critical design, this is the aspect that I really connect with. Challenging the boundaries and exploring what hasn’t been. It is the same reason I like defamiliarization so much. Every now and then, someone should ask the question why do we do the things we do? Do they still make sense? How has the context changed? How can we adapt to the new context?

I guess I am a rebel without a cause and Critical design to me is ammunition to challenge everything! To boldly go where no designer has gone before!