” Ideals are not measured by whether they conform to reality ; reality is judged by
whether it lives up to ideals . Reason’ s task is to deny that the claims of
experience are final- and to push us to widen the horizon of our experience
by providing ideas that experience ought to obey . ”

This was an awesome and powerful quote. I do agree with Susan Neiman, reason has constricted designers in a small box that we can’t seem to get out of. Design is mostly now focused on appeasing the market and strictly producing items for the market. Most of the fun parts of design has disappeared; we can’t think outside of the box called ‘reality’ and just go crazy with design. To me, design is a way of conveying ideas to others that are willing to hear you out. Nowadays, we allow society’s voice of need take us out of saying what it is just to follow a certain structure. Then too as Dunne and Raby pointed out, what is needed for this field to flourish is money and need (pg. 21). Something interesting that Dunne and Raby pointed out was that,

“Customers need to be flexible, forgiving, and adventurous.”

I believe this is true for all scopes of conceptual design. What customers think of nowadays is if something will benefit them in the here and now. Will it be faster, smaller, and make them more lazy? Most customers are not interested in the experimental ideas of conceptual design. They do not have the patience and they themselves are wrapped in the reality scope and will therefore not be interested in the imaginative realm.

Another point that I believe Dunne and Raby brought up that I totally agree with is that most designers, not just in the conceptual design, but in most areas of design; operate in the ‘perfect world’ (pg. 18). All we seem to do as designers is think of the most perfect situation which takes the interest out of design. To me, design is being flexible with the imperfect. I believe the conceptual design field goes berserk in the imperfect realm. It takes the imperfect and explores the ‘what ifs’, it may even take that imperfect and make it even more imperfect. It has no market to target, it’s just purely for the heck of it. I LOVE IT!!! I truly enjoy and sympathize with the idea of conceptual design. Perhaps it’s because I’m a person that is willing to step out of the norm and think of things that could be, but conceptual design sounds truly awesome. (<—Capstone senses are tingling…)