So I talked about this a bit in class today, and I wanted to carry on this thought.

I think Critical Design can be a very powerful tool. Even in the corporate setting… Especially in the corporate setting. I think there is a lesson we can all take away from PRInCiPleS, in that it is a method for presenting design rationale to people who were not part of the process. I think Critical Design can play a similar role and present alternative directions that can be explored. I hate this word with a passion, but critical design can be a tool for “innovation”.

To me most major corporations wait for other companies to innovate. This is not exhaustive, but in my last company, they constantly talked about innovating and coming up with new ideas, but what that translates to is…”lets build a mobile app!” Infact,  if you think about computing and that windows has existed for a decade now and yet, the interface has been the same. I know there are good arguments for that, but at the same time our computing tech has sort of stagnated. The speed and memory has increased, but our interaction has remained the same. Just Point and Click. It wasn’t until the iPod touch did we start to see a new way of interacting. This is where I think Critical Design can be useful. It’s end result is not to make something sellable, but it can be used to pitch alternate areas that a company could possibly explore. Maybe even invest in.

I think the big issue that I can think of right now is that a lot of companies will not have the infrastructure to support critical design. There will have to be change in cultural beliefs for Critical Design to be more useful. More on this later.