I don’t know if it is just me. Maybe it’s because one of the first things we are introduced when we started this program was good design in an industrial design perspective (like with the tissue box and door handles from IDP) but I’ve always thought of designers have to think of not just screens but also everyday things around us. In some cases, it is the combination of things around us and screens. When thinking about something to design, I tend to like to think of both. What I realized, when looking at our job descriptions for UX designer and Interaction designers, is that most company thinks of us as a purely screen-oriented designer (though there is the thing with different sized screens). This isn’t a surprise to me but I’m starting to be conscious of how separated some people think of us and that UX and Interaction design solely deals with screens. I don’t think I like that. I like working with things that go on screens but I also don’t want to think that that is ALL of our work. That makes it seems like screens are the only answer when there are a lot more possibility and potential. This really struck home when there was a talk at Interactions that was raising awareness that UX designers should work more closely with Industrial designers. That we don’t want things to just be screens because screens isn’t something that stay in people’s hearts. Objects are things that people tend to treasure.

Anyways, since we were talking about critical design recently and thinking about designing for a world that we want, it made me think of this area that has woken in me. While I doubt I’ll be doing critical design when I go into the workplace; it will probably be lots of screens, learning about critical design really has started making me aware of how the world is now and how, as a designer, I may like the world to be. I think, once this way of thinking has become more ingrained in me, it will effect the choices I make and the directions I take my designs and maybe one day, I may work on a project that moves the world towards “my” ideal.