(Disclaimer, this is a Midnight rant:)

There was a sentence in the Reading Critical Designs paper that says:

“What sorts of categorizations, associations, questions, insights, norms, judgments, etc,. should be part of a critical designer’s hermeneutical toolkit? (pdf p 3)

Did anyone else feel uncomfortable with this phrasing of the critical designer? It seems to me that as designers, we should always be striving to do critical design, and non critical design. Why make the distinction? I don’t think this is the same as calling myself an interaction designer vs an experience designer. All design is political in a way, it makes a stance, whether it is to maintain the status quo, or propose new futures, expand boundaries, create tensions, make us think, for efficiency sake, for pleasure, etc etc.  So shouldn’t we be always doing critical design out of morals in order to better serve our users and ourselves (I really like that in this paper they say design “our futures”).

(I will think about this more later)