This post is full of SPOILERS and should not be read by those who have NOT seen the Lego Movie.

The basic argument I am going to make is that The new Lego Movie is a critical design. It is a critical design that makes you think about the ways Hollywood makes children’s movies. Specifically about how Hollywood interprets children’s toys, comics and stories and re-appropriates them into stories for adults. Now this in itself is not necessarily bad, but the movie points out other unexplored avenues and that maybe its time for hollywood to break out of its habits.

A Given collection of Designs (unit of analysis)

In this section, I am going to argue the similarities in story structure and treatment of material and compare it to the Lego movie. My claim is that Lego movie is critical because it points out the flaws in the way Hollywood treats childrens titles. The Transformers movies, The batman movies, Avengers, Harry Potter, etc in my opinion are all part of the same collection. They are either toys, comics or childrens stories being transformed into adult movies. But there itself is the critique that lego movie tries to make. Will Ferrell (Mr Business) wants to see order and organization in his legos and, claims that he is doing it in a way that makes sense for adults. Mr Business’ view on organization is critical because the adult perspective on childrens products is being challenged. A common critique we hear about movies like Harry potter, Transformers etc is that they were not as good as their original source material. Is it possible it is true because a certain adult perspective has been added on to it? A perspective that takes away the creativity and inspirational qualities of the original source? We see this question being raised several times during the movie: the master builders not following instructions, the existence of cloud cuckoo land, metal beard and ultimately Will Ferrell’s son reminding him that it is a child’s toy and that the game itself is meant for 8-14 year olds.

More later! Any thoughts ?