It is not the point of this class to be experts on typography or Hong Kong cinema–but to be critical in your design thinking.

I included these two writings as things for you to read as writers, for you to model your own critical practices on.

Things to note as writers:

  • What is the structure of a critical piece?
  • What conclusions are drawn?
  • What are the central claims being made?
  • Who is the audience for these articles, and how are they supposed to use these articles?
  • How does this contrast with scientific writing, e.g., the writeup of an empirical study?

Things to note as critical thinkers:

  • What sorts of evaluations are made? What values and dis-values are identified? (Also: descriptions, classifications, elucidations, etc.)
  • What sorts of details are pointed to as evidence?
  • What kind of background, contextual, historical, and other scholarly information is available to the critics, and how do they leverage it?