So I read the reading and watched the movie and to me, Brunette had a very artistic film lens when making the analyzations for the reading. I don’t know what I would have thought if I watched the movie first without reading the reading. I think I may have been a bit testadura about it. I know I wouldn’t have picked up the doubling characters and connecting all of the similarities throughout the movie. At least from when this reading was written, the author says, “One of the most innovative aspects of Chungking Express is to be found in its dual narratives. Besides neatly dividing the film in two, the two stories also feature similar plots and similar character.”

The author really tells us the director’s views and connects themes and techniques the director makes from previous movies to this one. This allowed me to see this movie more through a lens of “art” and “film making” instead of how I normally would watch a movie, which is to give me a good story and not to be confused. Though, depending how much I want to engage my brain, the two ways of thinking are beginning to merge.

Basically, this movie wasn’t a movie that catered to the general public (at least not the ones today). It wasn’t one of those blockbusters with explosions and random make out scenes to cater to what people think should be in movies. This movie seemed to be very thought and and saturated with meaning though if one does not take a deep dive in it (like the author did in the reading), it would be hard to understand the director’s vision.