I took an interest in looking into Molecular Gastronomy and found a lot of things relating to experience. There were quite a few quotes that were similar to quotes that I found reading about Human-Food Interaction. I just wanted to share where my train of thought is at right now with the Argument Outline.

Claim: Molecular Cuisine has an experiential factor that Human Food Interaction can benefit from.

To Whom: Human Food Interaction designers

2-3 key support

  • New Sensory Experience
    • New ways to cook
    • New combination
    • Not just taste but include all human senses
  • New Interactions
    • M.G. allows experimentation
    • Evolution of how we view food
    • M.G. Restaurant offer interesting restaurant experience
      • Fat Duck extend that experience digitally outside of restaurant
  • Health
    • Food Examples
      • Fruit desserts
      • Back to Wild Plants
      • Experiment with healthy foods (olive oil)
    • Experience good tasting food that is also healthy