Okay, so not really, but I captivated you didn’t I? So let me explain. In taking Jeff’s advice on doing a reflective session I wanted to reflect on my pre-writing journey for a few reasons: 1) I didn’t realize how important a structured and designated “pre-writing” journey was and 2) I realized how the constrains by which research papers are usually written is so in-the-box and boring and finally 3) how my entire educational career has been horrible and ill-taught (thanks Jeff this is why my life is ruined and I’m questioning my existence.)

1)      As I’m going about this pre-writing in exactly the way I was taught throughout middle and high school by re-writing the assignment points and pulling out exact details and requirements I realize that this by no means incorporates any fun or interest…regardless of the topic. BORING! Even throughout the entire pre-writing process of simply utilizing post-it notes and things I’m thinking like “WAIT! Why does this have to be boring?” This pre-writing was so simple, yet why have I never heard of this? I mean I understand that this is your work Jeff, but surely someone else with a Ph.D has worked in similar areas of pre-writing. Surely? I just mean come on now, who makes this curriculum we were taught though (I know you did one year Jeff, but what about the years prior when it would have been beneficial to me?)

2)      I was thinking about interactive media and ways that reading something becomes fascinating and for some reason I thought of the Harry Potter newspaper and the level of interactivity about it and I thought “Why not my research paper?” I mean, why can’t I have moving pictures and sounds in my physical paper I turn in? All of these thoughts are seriously just swirling around. Research papers may have pictures in them, but never any videos or even fun font. Geesh! It’s just not captivating which, for me, follows into the motivation of which Jeff’s tutorial spoke of “arguing that a given research audience should care about the topic.” How can I care if I’m not captivated in some way?

3)      Thinking so cut-and-dry has put me in such a weird position. I’ve never questioned my educational background before. I have always been in the top reading and English group. I always scored high on ISTEP and other subject-specific English tests. However, after this exercise I’m thinking “Have all papers I’ve ever turned in been trash because I didn’t do this pre-writing style?” Why have no other instructors discussed similar routes in this realm? I’ve had to write hundreds of different papers throughout my career from K-12, Undergrad 1-5, and now Master’s. Were they all subpar? Where did these instructors even get their education and how are children even able to compete? I mean, should graduate level instructors be teaching middle school and high school students? I feel like I need to petition the state capitol for subpar instructors my whole life.

I also sent Jeff an email. He has probably deemed me crazy.

Did this pre-writing activity/assignment bring out any feelings in any of you?