So my post is based off of Manali’s post below. I remember watching “The Devil Wears Prada” and thinking that Streep’s character looks really good and intimidating. There is no doubt she is the woman on the top. Her dress (voice and demeanor) in the movie all speaks to that. She very much embodies the “Executive Woman”.

After reading Manali’s post, it made me remember the movie and my impression of Meryl Streep at the Oscars for that movie “The Devil Wears Prada”. She does wear Prada on the red carpet but the look is very different. The image is here:

I remember my first impression of seeing the red carpet Meryl Streep and I remember thinking how “dumpy” she looks compared to her character. It kind of seemed wrong that her character looked so fashionable and put together and here she is on the red carpet, at the Oscars and she looks frumpy.

But now that I look at the image again (and having an idea of how Meryl Streep tend to dress on the carpet and the semiotic exercise we did), I actually quite admire her for her dress. She rarely dresses in the “Hollywood glamor” even though she does wear designers, but I feel like this allows her to be a bit more personable. It makes her seem like she is comfortable in her skin. She is still presentable but she will wear what makes her comfortable and she doesn’t really care how the media perceives her. People know she is good at what she does. The “sex appeal” image is also something that she doesn’t want to go for. She still seems like a person you can talk to (if you aren’t overwhelmed that she really is a really talented actress).