Before I begin, I would like to confess that being without internet for a month and a half really tested my sanity for a bit. So if I sound a bit ditzy, just know that it’s not really me talking, it’s the time I had to deal without my anime, manga, and YouTube. So instead of being caught off guard at me, applaud me for withstanding the time I had to be a sage on the verge of enlightenment.


So as far as the reading goes, for the most part, it makes sense to me. There really isn’t any part of the reading that left me with more questions than answers, so I assume that that’s a good thing. But I do have one comment that I would like to make with regards to the 3 qualities of an interpreter. For those of you who haven’t read or have yet to read that part, it states:

1) understanding a painting. picture or diagram requires that the interpreter understand the convention that
marks. lines and shapes on a two-dimensional ground represent something the world.

2) a potential interpreter must possess the ‘kinds of interpretative skill … that
the mind brings to a picture or a painting

3) one brings to the picture a mass of information and assumptions drawn from general experiences

As I said before, this all made sense so I’m not confused or anything, however I will say that I believe that these rules are a bit too vague. In essence, I can replace the word “interpretation” with multiple other words and the 3 statements would make sense. I’m not sure if these guidelines are in fact supposed to be universal to apply to anything since interpretation doesn’t have to necessarily be applied to the art field. I’m just saying it because it somewhat bothered me a bit. For example, let’s say instead of ‘interpretation’, I decide to say ‘Pokemon’ (Don’t judge me. Like I said, a month and a half without Internet…I rest my case). To have the qualities of a Pokemon Master, you must understand that:

1) A Pokeball is understood in the Pokemon World that it is an object to capture Pokemon with (<– This is an example of some of the conventions that as a Pokemon Master, you must understand and abide by)

2) To be a Pokemon Master, you must develop a set of skill to help your Pokemon to develop (<–skillz, skillz, skillz)

3) Past experiences and information help shape you to be a master of all Pokemon (<– Gotta catch ’em all!)

Like I said, I’m not saying I disagree with what they are saying and perhaps what I am saying is the intention of the author, but I will say that if it isn’t the intention and interpretation must have a set of unique guidelines, then perhaps some constraints is required so that someone like me doesn’t try insert Pokemon into it.