Watch this video . And the making of it in this video.


What I really like about this video is the way they made it. To explain why this video is so good, I have to explain it in the language of movie makingf.

First of all, it is a single shot. There are no cuts. This itself makes it a challenging and the most obvious thing that people will notice. Even if someone is unaware of the references (And I showed it to some!), the thing they notice is that it is one continuous shot. If you look at the making, you realize that this is not an easy feat.

The Lighting in the movie is fantastic. It changes constantly to match the mood and feel of the final image. If you watch the making video, you will notice how the lights change and what they have to do to capture the mood. Specially for the “Creation of Adam” scene, they needed two people to jump in and add reflectors to get the golden feel. If you notice it carefully in the final video, you will notice exactly when the the reflectors come into action as there is a distinct change in tone.

Sound. The music is catchy, but I want you to point out the ambient noises they added into the movie. I am very confident (although not 100%) that the noises were added in in post. Typically in a studio you do not hear lights go off. But in the video you do hear a big light switch going on. Also when they turn on colored/filtered light you hear this noise. This is done for ambience and if the actual microphone had caught this sound, we would have heard the footsteps of people as well! What I am trying to say is that they deliberately added those to create a better effect.