I have to say, this made me really miss my CMCL courses. The way I read and watched the film was pretty weird, here was my method:

1. Skim the paper (not engaged… I didn’t know who the characters were, it was honestly hard for me to genuinely enjoy the reading)

2. Watch the film while following along with the paper (I missed a few things in the film, I thought I could multi task better than I could ((a lesson I should have learned by now )) also, the reading did not follow along with perfect chronology, a half assed attempt on both end)

3. Finish the film (I had to pause the film a few times throughout the day because of meetings. A former boyfriend used to get so angry at me for this… not to mention watching a film on my laptop or other device… David Lynch has more on that http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKiIroiCvZ0)

4. Re-read the paper (this time I was all about it, I did skip around to look for parts that didn’t make sense to me… like the rubbing of her eye with the with the ring, also I looked for something about the colors in the film- red & green, I knew there was something significant with this, but it wasn’t covered in the text, so I’d need to watch the film again to get more out of it)

5. Re-watch scenes to verify things I missed (I had the paper in one hand and skimmed the film with the other, I saw so much more than I had before)

Overall, I got a lot out of this. The way he criticized and remarked on the film, and the way he went out on a limb at times, but you never felt like he was on thin ice. I can definitely use this for the writing of my final paper and the criticisms of the designs. I tended to get more excited as the process went on- I spent about 5 hours of my day with this, when I could have spent 3 if I just did this in a logical way. Oh well, it was fun.