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Welcome all to the IC class blog. Lots of good stuff in the past has happened here, and Sarah has already kicked off this year with a challenging post!

I wanted to share a couple of notes about the blog:

  1. When you write a post, please take a couple of moments to check one or more of the Categories (there is a Categories check box on the right side of the screen when you are authoring a post).
  2. Feel free also to add tags to your post. (The Post Tags box is just below the Categories box.)
  3. Please comment on each other’s work! BUT please be aware that this blog is moderated, and the first time you post a comment, I will have to manually approve it before it shows up. After I have done that once, your comments will come through automatically.
  4. Please remember that this is a public blog. It is viewable to anyone in the world. I don’t think it gets a lot of external hits, but just because you are having a conversation with classmates, please don’t forget that others may be silently lurking and that these posts will be available indefinitely into the future.
  5. Please remember to be SUPPORTIVE of one another. This class historically has developed into a little community of people reading the same things, struggling through the same set of ideas. We are all friends here, and we are all on the same side in all of this. Disagreement of course is perfectly natural, and I have no problem at all with friendly debate. But keep it friendly.

That’s it up front! Start throwing your ideas, questions, confusions, frustrations, inspirations, and examples out there. No one needs to be brilliant or to have all the answers. This is just a conversation, not CHI presentations!!


We’ll talk about phenomenology and film today, especially via the readings from Prince and Kracauer. See you at 2:30!